Amazing DIY Machine Metal Cutting

Amazing DIY Machine Metal Cutting

Welcome to my channel Fox TV where you will learn how to make hand made crafts, New Year crafts, presents, toys,life hack, The main thing is that one can make it at home and with one's own hands


Tools from China that I use:
Electronic protractor:
Hilda's drill:
Automatic core:
Step drills:
Small Ratchet wrench 1/4:
Taps with ratchet holder:
Set of tweezers:
Silicone tape:
Soldering iron Hakko T12 (designer):
Nozzle Cricket: link to Ali:
Coordinate table: link to ali
Laser range finder:
Nozzle gas burner:
Infrared pyrometer:
A set of brushes for metal:
-Lifts to the scalpel:
Telescopic magnet with flashlight:
Searchlight with batteries:

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