CNC 6040 Router – Unboxing, Assembly and First Cuts – AWESOME MACHINE!!!

After a long period of searching I finally decided to buy this CNC 6040 Router. There are many good options with specific pros and cons, but in the end the(unbeatable) price/quality ratio of the CNC 6040 Router was for me the deciding factor.

Six low budget end mills for aluminium:
Tool 1: ⅛ inch 2 flute:
Tool 2: 4 mm 3 flute:
Tool 3: 5 mm 3 flute:
Tool 4: 4 mm 2 flute:
Tool 5: 4 mm 2 flute:
Tool 6: 6 mm 2 flute chamfer:
Test video with Feeds and Speeds:


The machine was purchased on and send from Germany to the Netherlands for £ 50. In two separate delivery’s I received the CNC 6040 Router within 5 days. The Chinese manufactures did an excellent job packaging the machine. Everything was protected by thick foam. All the moving parts where nicely greased up and the frame was protected with a anti corrosion substance.

Assembling the CNC 6040 Router can be done within an hour. Just a couple of bolts and some plug and play cables and you’re done. The overall build quality of the machine is pretty good. The base and gantry are very heavy.

Getting the CNC 6040 Router to work and making the first projects in this video took me a good 10 hours of study. I have a lot experience whit 3D printing and CAD designing so that gave me a big advantage. Understanding the Mach3 software, the different coordinate systems and generating g code from a CAD file can be a steep learning curve for someone without any technical experience.

After working with the CNC 6040 Router for a couple hours I can say I am happy with my investment. The only thing I don’t like is the aluminium extruded bed. This bed is not flat at all, so that has to be upgraded in the future.