I Was Stuck In An Elevator for 7 days

I was being chased by huge men dressed all in black and I knew exactly what they were after! I ran across the lobby as fast as I could, praying that I wouldn’t miss the elevator. If they caught me, I was done for! I was carrying a big bag, almost as big as my body. It was so big I could barely run with it, but I had no other choice. I’d shamed my family and if I didn’t fix it asap, who knew what would happen to me! I’d probably turn to dust! Back in America, I’d done something bad...I came home from school one day to find my parents sitting on the couch surrounded by photos of me. All of them were of me and my boyfriend, or should I say ex-boyfriend now! In the photos we were kissing and hugging, and one of them showed me leaving his house. But the creepiest one of all was one of us in bed together which looked like it’d been taken from outside the window. I was so upset! For the first time in my life I started shouting at my parents asking them how they had gotten these photos? won’t believe it, but they paid a private investigator $50,000 to track my every move!!!! That was the worst day of my life!! I knew I’d be punished because my parents are so strict and traditional, but I just assumed they’d ground me and cut off my allowance. Instead they took things to the extreme and announced that we were moving back to Egypt. Yup, that’s right. Egypt...the country we’re from. Except, oh yeah...I’ve never actually lived there!! To me, I’m American!! We left right after I was born, so the thought of going to live there felt like a catastrophe to me!! I told my parents that there was no way on earth I was going, but they said they’d already booked the tickets, and it was a done deal! They said I was acting too much like an American girl and they were taking me home to teach me how to really behave!! It felt like my world was ending. When we got to Egypt, I was shocked!! The first day we got there it was so and I put on my shorts and crop top. I was about to go outside and explore when my mom grabbed me and told me I couldn’t go outside dressed like that. Then she gave me a long skirt and a long sleeved top, and told me I had to cover up. She even made me wear a scarf over my head!! We went outside to buy vegetables and I smiled at the man selling them and I thought my mom was gonna slap me! After that I wasn’t allowed to go outside anymore, unless I was with her!! All I could think about was running back to America and being with my boyfriend. Egypt felt like one giant prison that I’d be stuck in for the rest of my life!! And to make matters worse, I was carrying a gigantic secret. see, when my parents told me we were leaving America, they wouldn’t let me out of their sight. But then they had to go out one night, and they left me at home alone. As soon as they left my boyfriend came over. I knew it would be the last time I ever saw him, so we decided to do something crazy and go all the way!! We needed one last special memory of each other. The thing is, we forgot to use a condom. I thought it would be fine, but after two months in Egypt, I realised I hadn’t had my period… Yup. I was pregnant. And I needed to get an abortion as fast as possible, before my parents found out. There was just one little problem...abortion isn’t legal in Egypt. But I managed to find a company online who offered them. Of course I had to pay a hefty sum...and where was I going to get the money? Well, I stole it from my dad. Now I wasn’t even allowed outside by myself, so I decided to wait until late at night, and sneak out after my parents had gone to bed.