Built In Cooler Patio Table

Here is what you'll need!

Built-In Cooler Patio Table

6 26x5-inch wood boards
8 9x5-inch wood boards
1 4x4-inch post
2 2x4-inch studs
1 24x8-inch rectangular planter
1.5-inch nails
Stain or paint
Measuring tape
Miter saw
Paint brush
Power drill
Drill bits
Driving bits
Eye and hearing protection

Measure and cut 6 26x5-inch wood boards using saw.
Measure and cut 8 9x5-inch wood boards using saw.
Measure and cut 4 18-ich. long table legs using 4x4 inch posts.
Lay out the 26x5-inch wood boards on the ends and the 9x5-inch wood boards in the middle. Leave space in the center for the planter. These pieces will be the top of the table.
Evenly create spacing in between the boards with the planter in the middle.
Measure length of the table. Ours measured 47 inches. Your table length may differ depending on how much spacing you place between the wood boards.
Use the measurement from the last step to cut the 2x4-inch studs. Cut 4 pieces.
Sand all of the pieces to prepare for staining.
Stain the wood to your desired color and let it dry.
Lay out 2 of the 2x4-inch studs parallel to each other. Attach 1 26x5-inch wood board to the left side of the 2x4-inch studs with nails. Repeat on the right side.
Elevate the table a few inches off the ground. The table should be high enough so that the planter can hang without touching the ground.
Slide in the remaining 2 2x4-inch studs and center them.
Hang the planter on top of the center 2x4 boards. Adjust the spacing of the 2x4 boards if needed.
Secure the 2 2x4 studs with nails.
Attach 2 of the 26x5-inch wood boards to the left and right sides of the planter and attach all of the 9x5-inch wood boards to the top and bottom of the planter.
Turn the table over and nail in 1 of the 26x5-inch wood boards to the right of the table. Repeat on the left side.
Attach all the legs of the table using the clamp, power drill, and screws. Be sure to drill pilot holes before screwing.
Turn table over and admire your new table!

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