Fluid Art Acrylic Painting TIPS with STRING 'Wild Orchid ' (2017) Stuart Wimbles Free Your Mind Art

In todays fluid art acrylic painting from Free Your Mind Art lesson technique
... Fluid Acrylic Paints on a 20x20 cm Canvas, using string on a base of titanium white and the colour / color palette is listed below.

The dragging of the string technique made orchid like shapes into the white, hence the name Wild Orchid. The white base also gave of a few cells.

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Todays Colours and Brand:

Gold (Ocaldo)
Hauser Light Green (Americana)
Crimson (Ocaldo)
Turquoise (Ocaldo)
Titanium White (Artina)
Yellow (Artina)

I used a ratio of 25g Paint, 12 Floetrol, 3g MPG, Water to consistency.

Music Credits: Acoustic Breeze by Bensound
Direct link: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-

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