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My daughter was turning one and it was time to build her a pallet wood sign to frame her smash cake throne. It was an easy DIY project that was only a one day build. I am not big on working with pallets, but this one turned out looking alright. I hope this gives you some inspiration for an easy build for the family or heck maybe even a Christmas present for the family. When I get a chance, I do like to work with reclaimed wood, hope you enjoy the video.

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They grow up so fast! My youngest is turning one, and of course in modern fashion we are doing it BIG. So I had a bunch of items on my honey do list lately, this was the one I was most happy with.
My wife wanted to make a sort of smash cake throne for Marigold to get those perfect pictures, so that someday she will remember how good of parents we were...

She asked me to make a sign to hang up behind the smash cake throne so I looked around the shop to see what I could make. I could've carved the sign into a piece of hardwood with a router but I wanted to do something different. So I grabbed the pallet that my new table saw was shipped on, and went to town. This is a very easy woodworking project using minimal tools. This is not my first reclaimed project using wood from Pallets but it is the first one I have done that didn't end up as shop furniture.

Materials you will need (Contains Affiliate Links):

A pallet, (these can be scored for free from your local big box store.)
A piece of scrap plywood (at least half an inch, the more plys the better, so like birch ideally)

Tools you will need:

​A jigsaw

​A brad nailer (or a hammer and finish nails)

​A palm sander (optional)

​A circular saw (optional)

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