Fantastic Japanese Gift Wrapping Hacks In 5 Minutes

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Hello Everyone! In this video i'm gona show you step by step tutorial about how japanese stores departments wrap gifts...This is easy & slow gift wrapping technique which we can easily do... This technique is very different than the techniques used by many americans...

With this method, the package is placed on a diagonal. With just a few moves and folds, any box is perfectly wrapped and the result is one amazing presentation in no time. In fact, this method of wrapping takes only few seconds once you’ve mastered the technique. Plus, you only need three pieces of tape to achieve the perfect wrap!

This will be perfect if you wrap your gifts using these simple techniques as the new year gift packings... can be use for birthday gift wrappings, christmas wrappings, mothers day wrappings and for any other occation.... #Gift Wrapping for Valentines day

Folllow these links below to watch my videoes about different kind of wrappings :

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