Mini Resin Tutorials: Resin Coloring (Color Shifting, Pearlescent, Colored UV Resin & Clear Film)

There are a lot of way for resin coloring. I am going to show you how to use color shifting pigment, pearlescent pigment, colored UV resin and clear film in this video.

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There are a total of 4 mini tutorials and below are the materials I used:

1. Goldfish with Colored UV Resin:
- Goldfish open bezel:
- Non-opaque white:
- Opaque white:
- Non-opaque red:
- Non-opaque yellow orange:
- Opaque red:
- Clear:
- White glitter powder:
- Silicone pen:
- Clear tape:
- UV Torch:

2. Cinderella Night with Clear Film:
- Round open frame:
- Non-opaque blue:
- Non-opaque white:
- Opaque blue:
- Opaque purple:
- Clear:
- Blue glitter:
- White glitter:
- Cinderella clear film:
- Moon metal embellishment:
- Silicone pen:
- Clear tape:
- UV Torch:

3. Moon Cabochon with Color Shifting Pigment:
- Moon mold:
- Clear UV resin:
- Blue color shifting pigment:
- Silicone pen:
- Opaque black UV resin:

4. AB Crystal with Pearlescent Pigment:
- Hard type epoxy resin:
- Crystal mold:
- Blue resin pigment:
- Pink resin pigment:
- Yellow resin pigment:
- White glitter:
- Purple pearlescent pigments:
- Silicone pen: