How to Make People Like You in 30 Seconds

Do you want to know how to make people like you in 30 seconds or less? This video will show you how to make someone like you, whether it’s a girl or a guy or someone who doesn’t identify with either of those genders. This video is all about winning people over by being the best version of yourself!

Spontaneous Trait Transference

The Way You Describe Others Is the Way People See You

Seeing Others through Rose-Colored Glasses

Reciprocity of Liking

Subliminal Smells Bias Perception About a Person’s Likeability

Psychological Tricks to Immediately Make People Like You More

Simple Ways to Make People Like You More

Get People To Like You in 4 Seconds or Less

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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO), HowlingCreations for helping to create this video!