Insulating the House Cellulose Densepack and Blown Attic

Insulating the House- Cellulose Densepack and Blown Attic

I'll be the first to say, this is my first experience with blowing cellulose and with the densepack method. I like both just fine, albeit a bit messy. Just this silly little "Free" blower was a total POS.

All of my design planning as far as the hose adapters/reductions worked fine for the most part. I"d get the occasional plug, which was usually due to the machine just not having the guts to clear it.

Time is what killed us here. This little machine, best I can tell, is rated for ~300 lbs/hr, in an ideal situation. We didn't get anywhere near that. Maybe I got 150 lbs/hr, maybe....I was looking at some bigger commercial units that are rated to crank out 3000 lbs/hr! Now that's living!

The idea of densepack is that you will cram insulation into every nook and cranny. This is hard to do with fiberglass, and even spray in cellulose can leave voids behind pipes and boxes. Conceptually, densepack is a good idea I believe. Perhaps it's better designed for remedial jobs. Just fought this stupid blower the whole time : (

In the end we got tired of blowing it away, and did not get the placement we desired. We returned over 100 bales of the original 288 that we had delivered out. I calculated ~275 bales based on the manufacturers spec sheet for my walls and attic. We rounded up to 288 for even pallet numbers, and I figured I'd just wasted the extra in the attic. I definitely never planned to return over 100 bales!