Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Brian from Floors To Your Home goes over the major differences between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood, for a particular rooms. Clear and thorough.

More resources on Hardwood Flooring:

0:18 - Solid: basics
1:07 - Cross section needed to differentiate solid, engineered & laminate
1:31 - Engineered: basics
2:23 - Solid: Installation specifics
4:09 - Engineered: Installation specifics
5:15 - Solid: Sanding & refinishing
6:56 - Engineered: No sanding & refinishing
7:57 - Solid: Humidity & Temperature issues
9:18 - Engineered: Better stability in humidity and various temperatures
9:54 - Shared benefits
10:48 - Differences overview

Here is a Resource Center article we did which goes over the Janka Scale, the standard rating for the hardness of various species of hardwood:

For Jadambomb, a piece (not one of mine) on plywood subfloors over concrete:

For BecThis, blog post on repairing engineered hardwood:

Waterproof floors with real wood looks:

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