DIY Wood Repairs With Epoxy Glue

Epoxy glue is one of the strongest adhesives on the market, and it's perfect for wood repairs. But, most homeowners I meet have never heard of it! This video from The Honest Carpenter will show you how to repair fractured or broken wood using epoxy glue and just a few simple tools!

Epoxy Glue is often called "Two-part Epoxy" because it comes as two separate chemicals packaged together--epoxy resin, and a hardener. It is also often called "Five Minute Epoxy" because most brands set up in five minutes.

Work Time: 5 minutes
Dry Time: 1 hour
Cure Time: 24 hours

(NOTE: epoxy glue is caustic and can be harmful to sensitive skin. You should wear gloves when using epoxy glue to bond your wood repairs!)

I have used JB Weld's epoxy glue here because it has one of the highest yields on the market: 4400 psi! There are numerous other types of epoxy glue, including epoxies for marine use, and specific plastics and metals. Be sure to take note of exactly which epoxy you are purchasing when planning your wood repairs.

Irwin quick clamps (optional)
Wood or Cardboard mixing board
Old Paint Brush (optional)

Epoxy Glue
Painter's Tape (optional)
Paper Towel

1) If possible, dry fit pieces of broken wood back together. (Wood tends to fracture cleanly, which makes repairs like this much easier.)
2) Open your package of epoxy glue and separate cap, mixing paddle and nozzle (if present)
3) Squeeze out a nickel-sized blob of epoxy glue onto wood mixing board
4) Mix epoxy glue with a screw or stick. If your product comes with a mixing nozzle, simply attach the nozzle and press the plunger. Epoxy will come out pre-mixed.
5) Use a small brush to wipe the glue over both surfaces to be bonded. Some manufacturers recommend sanding lightly first to create more grip to the surfaces.
6) Squeeze pieces of wood repair together and create pressure with fingertips. Use a paper towel to wipe off epoxy "squeeze out".
7) Use a clamp, if you have one, to hold the two pieces of the wood repair together. Make sure the clamp doesn't have any glue on it's clamping faces! Also be sure not to use a metal clamp that will mar the wood, unless you also use a soft pad of some sort.
8) Let sit for at least 5 minutes. (I prefer to keep clamp on for an hour or more.)
9) Remove clamp from wood repair.
10) Allow 24 hours for curing before applying any pressure to wood repair!

Visible cracks in wood repair can sometimes be colored in with a stain pen, or simply some paint.

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