Locks copper wire pendants Handmade Jewelry Ideas 68

Tutorial locks copper wire pendants - Handmade Jewelry Ideas
pendant locks, together with pendant key.
This is a small version, but a version is a bit more sophisticated, I have the opportunity to guide later
if you are a beginner, you should watch a simple form in advance to be able to keep up with more complex patterns. When you know the basics, you can freely create different patterns based on your imagination. I just give how to make for reference, You can do the way you want, And maybe you will do better than me

Rings: https://goo.gl/9u6ems
Bracelets: https://goo.gl/rH1MtZ
Pendants: https://goo.gl/jWxKdM
Earrings, Ear cuff: https://goo.gl/nyLFNN
Necklaces, hairpin: https://goo.gl/LxFbhr
Decorations: https://goo.gl/hWH2FB
Flower, leaf and natural : https://goo.gl/VHEh2H
Animal : https://goo.gl/UzdJ6d