Mini shell purse Sophie & Toffee DIY Tutorial Resin

This subscription box is so inspiring!
In this tutorial: unboxing and making a, working, mini sea shell purse with UV resin. Perfect for a mermaid!! hihi!!
It can also be a nice and kawaii/magical charm.
And because it's functional we can keep small objects inside...little treasures!
The products are high quality and the project possibilities are endless!

Find more info here:

This is the first project I made with the are supplies from this month box. I haven't explored all the supplies and I'm very excited to make some more works from it! :D
I'll post another video very soon! :D

This month we receive a mini UV lamp!! So cool!!
It's great! Portable and super useful to cure the resin without holding it during the process! And no worries with the batteries ;)
And, as usual, the packaging is perfect and the shipping super fast!

In this project I also used some products I had at home and from a previous box that are not included in this one...
This is not a sponsored video. The Elves box was sent to me for free to try and this is my honest opinion
- Due to the nature of the products, techniques and tools I use in my projects (polymer clay, sharp and electrical tools, resin...) the content of my channel is Not indicated for children under 13 years old.
- If you are under 18 years old and you would like to try some of my projects I highly recommend the supervision of an adult. 
- Safety and being responsible is important to have a pleasant experience in the world of arts and crafts.
- This channel is aimed towards grownup artists and viewers, with majority audience being 18+


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