I Sent a DM to 100 Celebrities...

Today, I’m going to DM 100 different celebrities on Instagram to see if any will respond! Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Tom Holland, Shawn Mendes, Zac Efron and 95 more! How many do you think I’ll hear back from? 🤔

I recently saw this video idea on Ryan Trahan’s channel, and he actually heard back from several #celebrities! This was a lot harder than I thought, because the DMing 100 celebrities sounds easy, but when you actually do it.. you start running out of people you can think of at about 40 or 50.

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The second hardest part about this #100DMs #challenge was that I kept getting blocked on instagram! Every time that I would get in the groove of DMing people, instagram would block me! I guess maybe instagram was thinking that I was a spam account since I was messaging so many people at once?? 😂

I’m not even really sure what classifies someone as a celebrity… YouTube has kind of changed the game when it comes to “celebrities” since the term is mostly used to describe singers and movie stars. Now, YouTubers gain just as large, if not larger, followings than some celebrities on social media. It’s crazy! I messaged some of my favorite people like Tom Holland, Harry Styles, Zendaya, Shane Dawson, and so many other people! I haven’t heard back from most of them… YET! Maybe they just haven’t checked their DMs in a while… 😉

Either way, I had a lot of fun attempting this challenge, and I actually got responses from 4 different people! Who were they? You’ll have to watch the video to see!

Ryan Trahan’s video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIRBvPg8IXI&t=1s

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