Millions of plastic items are thrown away every day and we need to reuse plastic items in order to save the planet. Plastic bottles, drinking straws, plastic bags are very harmful to nature. Here is a collection of crafts you can easily make to reduce waste. Plastic bottles are very convenient to consume drinks and you have a perfect opportunity to repurpose used bottles and make useful things. Let’s check what you can make out of a simple plastic bottle:
-Make cute summer bracelets out of plastic bottles
-You don’t need to buy cookie cutters as you can make them at home
-Use plastic bottles to make a perfect tool to decorate a cake
-Keep outdoor electrical plugs safe in any weather using a plastic bottle
-One of the best hacks with a plastic bottle - home slippers! You should definitely give it a try!
-Make a kebab machine out of a plastic bottle and PVC pipe. The supplies you will need a coke bottle, a can, and an elbow-shaped piece of PVC pipe and skewers to make perfect kebabs
-Separate egg whites or yolks with Cola plastic bottle
-Keep your fingers safe while cooking by making the guard out of a plastic bottle
-Create a cute candy or gumball machine by your own hands. All you will need a small cola bottle, red plastic cups, glue. This fun craft project that can be completed in only a few minutes, watch our tutorial!
-Make DIY emergency life jacket in 5 minutes. Attach plastic bottles to your t-shirt
Do not throw away drinking straws as they could be used to make buttons, as a cute organizer for makeup, you can make colorful candle holder or a bracelet only in 5 minutes!
Reuse will help you to clean more space at home and save a ton of money!

00:25 Buttons made from drinking straws
01:18 DIY plastic bracelet
03:50 Kite out of a plastic bag
08:27 Colorful candleholder
09:33 DIY Kebab machine
16:51 Handmade home slippers

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