The ULTIMATE DIY Portable HINGED Folding Workbench: Upgrade video 4 of 5

In today's video, my DIY workbench now has HINGES to make it the ultimate folding workbench for us DIY'ers!

In today's video I finally cut my workbench in half, introducing two adapted hook and strap hinges - to enable it to be folded in half for storage, but also so that one half can be used individually for smaller jobs.

It took me 11 months to figure out how to do this, because I wanted a hinge that was a) strong enough to hold a heavy structure like this; b) have a removable pin so that I could use the two halves separately. The answer came at my local DIY store - JW Lane Ltd in Stanford Bridge, Worcestershire, where the guy who runs the metal shop suggested that I simply adapt an existing hook and band hinge to create my new, super tough, removable pin hinge.

So if you haven't seen video 1 where I constructed the actual workbench, you might want to click here

I bought two new lengths of 4"x2" CLS timber, as the notches in my existing workbench are in the wrong place for the new configuration.

I then cut the existing worktop in two, using my circular saw.

To adapt the hook and strap hinges, I used my Bosch grinder, with a super thin metal cutting disk, to remove the corresponding sections from each hinge band, to enable both to slot together.

- CLS 4"x 2"timber, 2x 2.4m lengths £4.44/ $6.10 for 3 metres
- Hook and Band hinge £21.90
- Found these today - they may prevent you having to make your own but I haven't tried them out, and being aluminium, they won't be as strong! Friction hinge £21.50 per pair
- 14mm x 58mm diameter bolts. Don't buy bolts that have unthreaded sections, as they won't fit into the band hinge.
- Grinder
- ABRACS thin metal cutting disks (UK)
- ABRACS thin metal cutting disks (US)
- Cowhide leather gloves
- Safety specs
- Metal file
- Toggle catches
- Ryobi R18CS Circular Saw body only £99 (UK)
- Ryobi R18CS Circular Saw 4Ah battery, carry bag and charger £170.93 (UK)
- Ryobi P508 Brushless Circular Saw with 9Ah battery and charger $209.99 (US)
- Ryobi P508 Bruchless Circular Saw, body only $74.99 (US)
- Axminster Guide rail Clamps 160 x 60mm £15.58/ $22.20 per clamp
Or you can buy the Festool version here £31 (UK)
or in the US from here $46 (US)
- Decking screws 4.5mm x 75mm
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