How to Make a Transforming Ninja Star! (8 Pointed)

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I explain in this tutorial how to create the Transforming, a.k.a. 8-pointed Paper Ninja Star or Shuriken. It is a type of Modular Origami Model in which we will interlock or join 8 smaller Modular Units (pieces) to get a larger one. This model was designed by Robert Neale.

All that is required is 8 small square sheets of paper. I am using 9cm x 9cm dimension paper I found in staples, but any Post-It notes should work fine. Smaller origami paper should work well also. However, I don't recommend using origami paper because it is thinner and flimsy, becomes wrinkled and comes apart much faster. If you want to use printer paper, that is fine (but you will wind up wasting a bit). Just make the printer paper into a square, like I do in my other origami tutorials. Then split that square into 4 pieces (fold in half both ways and cut/tear). Either that or you can use each sheet of converted printer paper as one modular unit and make a LARGE transforming ninja star! (see some of my VIDEO RESPONSES)

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