☀️THE SUN IN MY HANDS!!☀️ Resin Art Epoxy Resin Lamp with Wood Base エポキシ樹脂

4THECRAFT is proud to present a SUN PLANET LAMP from epoxy resin.

The lamp displays the SUN Planet with its heated gas no solid surface and some explosions. In order to make the best possible lighting effect I have used a 360 degree, 12V, 25W LED light, which was placed inside the resin. This LED light has over 30,000 hours lifetime so it will last for many many years. The LED light is connected to the electrical socket by the use of a transformer to step down the voltage AC. The base was made from Wood and painted with a black wood varnish.

Although I had an unexpected problem with the glass paint that I have used to paint the sun (which I explain in the video), the final result is a very satisfying to watch SUN Lamp with warm red and orange colors.

I hope that you will enjoy this "how to make" video.

All the Best,

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