DREAM BUILD MTB Santa Cruz 5010 mk2

It's been a year since the original dream build film aired on my youtube channel featuring the Santa Cruz 5010. Since that point, the channel has gone from 20 subscribers to over 104,600 whilst also hitting 14,548,000 overall channel views.. It's been a crazy year! Thank you to everyone who supports the channel!

Introducing my new personal bike.. the 2018 Santa Cruz 5010, I loved the old 5010 and with the improvements Santa Cruz has made to this new version.. I just couldn't find a good enough reason to change! Built in Sheffield at the Cycles in Motion workshop. This is the ultimate mountain bike!

Massive thanks to the following companies for making this build possible.

Santa Cruz
DVO suspension
Hope Technology

Also a huge thank you to Rick @ Cycles in Motion for assembling the 5010!

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