Tiny House Wood Stove Pipe Install Video

For more information on small wood stove installation and 3' and 4" solid fuel installation parts visit: https://www.tinywoodstove.com/product-category/install-kit/

In this video Nick uses our 4" installation kit to installs his small wood stove in his tiny house. Nick used our kit + modified a pellet roof support box which turned out to be a beautiful installation.

Getting the right parts for your small wood stove installation is crucial for a safe operation. Currently in North America you can't source small diameter stove and chimney pipe for solid fuel.

While you may be able to find 4" pipe it's for pellet stoves or direct-vent appliances and is not rated for the high temps of solid fuel wood burning stoves. Plus many of these pipes use galvanized which off-gasses with the high heat from the stove.

With our own struggles to source the right small diameter parts for our personal stove we've worked long and hard to source stove and chimney pipe in 3" and 4" that's rated for solid fuel.