GOLDEN ILLUMINATIONS Epoxy Resin Painting Demo

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Pro Marine Epoxy Resin
The canvas I used - A cut piece of MDF Board shaped into a rectangle
Le Rez Angel White pigment paste
Mehron Gold Powder
Crystals- I crushed a chandelier into chunks. I also purchased reflective glass from Michaels! I used both.
Iridescent sparkles from Michaels

I'm not sure where in the rendering process I lost some quality in the video. I will be working on that and hopefully uploading higher quality videos!

When I began pouring this geode, I did not have a plan. No sketches, mental images, nada. I let the music take me into the direction that I felt in the moment, without thinking. I'm not sure if that worked for or against me - This approached resulted in many layers to get it just right. But the painting definitely has character, and that's what I love.