Stella's Fingerling Hugs Monkey gets lost!

While Stella is playing in her room with her Fingerling Hugs Monkey when she gets called off by her friends. Mom shows up while Stella is playing to find a very messy room. So mom decides to clean her room for her. However, right before she finishes she places the Fingerling Hugs Monkey in her laundry basket. Stella comes back to her room to find that her Fingerling Hugs Monkey is missing. Realizing that her mom probably cleaned her room Stella goes to interrogate her. When she arrives to moms room she start asking mom where the monkey is. So mom explains to her that she put it in the basket. However, when the Fingerling Hugs Monkey isn't in the basket anymore mom explains that it might have been dad who took the monkey. So Stella then finds Dad and asks him what happened to her monkey. He explains to her that he might have taken the monkey into Jameson's room. When Stella goes to Jameson's room to look for the monkey she sees that he is having so much fun playing with it. She decides that she is going to let Jameson keep it.