Dollar Tree DIY/ How I use their placemats

Hi guys, Welcome back! I am back with another, yes another Dollar Tree DIY. I purchase these placemats from the Dollar Tree awhile ago knowing I would come up with a way to use them other than there intended purpose. I hope you guys like what I came up with! If you do give it a big thumbs up. If you are visiting I ask that you please stay awhile by hitting that loyal (Subscribe) button down below and come back for more fun! As always I appreciate you guys for watching! God bless!

4 11x14 black picture frames
1 green paper placemat
3 pack jute twine
1 large mirror in gold frame
4 1inch felt pads for feet of tray
6ft 1.83m gold floral wire

Items not from Dollar Tree:
Spray paint 2 colors 1 for placemat and other for picture frames
E6000 gkue
Hot glue

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