The Girl That Breathes Carbon Dioxide (movable GLMM) ORIGINAL Gacha Life Mini Movie [1M VIEWS] 13

*ahem* speech time:

This is part 2 of one of my first Gacha Life mini movies, Another Dimension, make sure to check it out and see how far I've come! Also, this is another part movable GLMM, I decided to do another moving one because 'The Girl with 2 Bodies' got quite a lot of views (Make sure to check that out too, if you haven't already ÚwÙ) Thanks to all my Kreation Family, you've all been so supportive and it really helps the channel! Make sure to like, subscribe and turn on notifications to become a Kreator! 🔔

Phew.. I think I'm done now 🤯

-Grace xxx