How to build a house on wheels for rabbits, guinea pigs & other small animals

Easy to follow instructional video shows how to make this mobile home for pets, takes about half a day to build using basic tools. Being on wheels makes it easy to move around the yard , so your pets can mow the lawn & get a good feed at the same time.

The tools required for this project-
Hand saw or skillsaw, drill bit set, drill with screwdriver attachment or a screwdriver
chisel, pencil, set square, combination square,
hammer, tape measure, wire cutters, A spanner for the wheels.

Materials list- 10 metres of 50mm x 50mm (2inch x 2 inch)
1.8 metre of 50mm x 150mm (2 x 6) or similar
1 metre of 25 x 150 (1 x 6) or similar
2 square metres of plywood
82 cm x 75 cm of corroguted roofing or similar
6 x short roof screws
4 x hinges
5 metres x 1 metre roll of wire netting
2 lawn mower wheels or similar
2 x 120mm bolts to suit wheels
100 75mm (3 inch) stainless steel screws

Dimensions: base- 1.6 meters x 80 cm
corner uprights- 56 cm x 4
mid uprights - 56 cm x 2
top rails/ handles 110 cm

Measure to suit all other dimensions