What is onenote How to use onenote effectively Part 1 | In Hindi


Hi Guys, this video is about. What is OneNote - How to use OneNote effectively . This video is in Hindi.
This video consists of three parts. Please watch all parts to gain complete knowledge on Microsoft OneNote.
To watch all parts please check techbulu channel video list.

Microsoft OneNote is a very powerful way to organise your projects, academics, day to day life, learnings any documentation anything which can be read, edit, share anytime and from anywhere using mobile, laptop\desktop or pc.

Now many companies and educational institutions advises people to use it to save your precious time by taking notes or documents on paper.
You can keep your notes digitalized and organised in proper manner.

OneNote 2016 and other legacy flavours( OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2010)also are well tightly coupled with other Microsoft products like outlook, edge browser, PPT, Word. Excel.

The main advantage of OneNote is that we can call it bigdady of notepad having advance features and available approximately on all devices(Mobile,Laptops,Desktops) and operating systems(IOS,MAC,Windows,Android). You don’t have to save OneNote its saved automatically, there is no save button :)

In videos I will tell you all the tips starting from how to create notebook, section group, sections till advance level features like how to send your notes to your OneNote account using email.
The main features which I gave discussed are as below in my videos

1. Create a notebook, section group, sections and pages inside sections.
2. Create a to do list
3. Usage of page templates
4. Use draw to sketch your ideas
5. Record audio\video notes and playback them
6. Automatic addition of source link while copying the data from website
7. Export your notebook, section, pages
8. Usage of tags
9. Insert excel sheet, webpage and much more
10. Do basic calculation on OneNote page itself to save time to open calculator
11. How to use quick note
12. Some keyboard shortcuts
New quick note by (WINDOW+N)
Take screenshot by (WINDOW+SHIFT+S) in OneNote 2016 in old legacy OneNote by (WINDOW+S)
13. Feel like writing on paper by changing the page (Rule Lines)
14. Password protection of your OneNote section
15. Advance search
16. Ink to Math
17. Use Mobile App to take notes everywhere with demonstration(Instant capture using camera or create note from there using OneNote Badge)
18. OCR tool(capture text from images) usage
19. Send your notes from your registered email id by email to [email protected]
20. Save notes to cloud
21. Recycle Bin usage
22. Chrome extension i.e. OneNote web clipper
23. OneNote usage with outlook

Online OneNote

Email your notes settings

Email address to send your notes
[email protected]

After seeing the complete video series you will become expert to use onenotes.


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