I'm 32 and Only Wear Children Clothes!

A story about a girl...pardon a 30 something year old woman, who will probably stay a kid forever. Funny fashion experiment: I, SaraBeautyCorner made a funny comedy and parody video mocking my childish fashion sense. The truth is, ever since I made YouTube my primary career, I've started dressing more and more kids like – both on videos and in real life. I spend 80% of time in pajamas and the other 20% in childish hoodies and sweatshirt. This comedy video includes funny sketches, awkward situations, girl struggles, relatable facts and more!

There is nothing wrong with having a fun and youthful fashion style! I love trendy oversized hoodies, cartoon character graphic tees, bright colors and all that. But my love for comfort has gone a bit too far, to the point where I literally wear fuzzy pajamas when going to the mall, running errands, going on a date, etc. I decided to make a fun fashion experiment and shop for only grown up looking and age appropriate outfits! Join me on this crazy fashion journey and see how it went!

Help me translate changing my style video: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=RP5vuMYpAKE

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