How to Make a Paper Flick Football (Origami) Rob's World

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This is the same Paper Football game that Nebula and Tony Stark (Iron Man) were playing in Avengers: End Game!

In this video, I will teach you how to make a Paper Flick Football out of a regular sheet of printer or loose leaf paper. I find that the loose leaf is a lot easier to fold since it is thinner, however, both types of paper will make a good football.

Q:Why is this called a "football" if it's not round?
A: Even though it is shaped like a triangle, it is called a "football" because it uses similar rules to US Football during gameplay. You need to score touchdowns and flick the football to a friend's "Field Goal" post made from their two hands I_I (Field Goal post made from thumb and pointer). More on the game below.

Q: I know an easier way to make this.
A: So do I, however, I prefer to make it this way. I find it's sturdier and won't ever come undone.

Click here to learn the rules of the game!

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