Gel Nail Polish Remover Clips Product Review


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Hi my lovely viewers/fans welcome to another video.
In this product review today I am using:
10x Nail polish remover clips
Gellux acteone

Link to nail clip seller:

I thought the delivery was really quick on this item bearing in mind it came from China, it took 8 working days and only cost £1.89

These were recommended to me by kiana Singh and Catherine Chuter who use these clips to remove their gel polish so I decided to give them a go and I'm so glad I did I really like them.

I hope you're enjoying my tutorials,I'm not a professional nail technician, I just love nail art and want to share my basic skills with you.

If you have any requests please tell me them in comments box and I will do my best to achieve them.

I never claim originality on my nail art (who can really :-) I normally get my inspiration from things around the home or other you tubers. There are some amazing people on YouTube with awesome skills which have inspired me to try it out myself but I will leave always leave where I got my inspiration down below

All things I use in my tutorials I purchase out of my own money, unless otherwise stated.

Most importantly

Thank you so much for watching it really means a lot to me.