DIY Cardboard Transformer That Really Works

Sam is a true cardboard master. He says that he can make something awesome in one hour! But when the time's up, he's still at the stage of cutting out all the different pieces for his craft. Sam's friend Sue comes to assist him only to find out that Sam is trying to make Bumblebee the transformer out of cardboard! This is such an awesome project that Sue gets right into it.

To make the cardboard transformer really change its shape from a car into a robot and back, you will also need pieces of wood, hinges and magnets. This craft takes more than one hour, but the result is so stunning that it's really worth it. And painting the body of the transformer into bright colors only adds to the overall stunning effect!

2:27 Watch the painting process

4:29 Sam's transformer cosplay

7:37 Kit-Kat break!

8:53 Robot legs that move

12:40 Watch Bumblbee transform from a car into a robot!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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