Coaching New Teams in Pork and Their Gear Harry Soo Los Angeles

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BBQ is a friendly sport and in this video, Harry shares black belt tips and tricks with new teams at the Lodi, California, Backyard on the Grape 2018 which is an informal spring training of sorts (backyard BBQ contest) to allow for new and old teams to get some face time with actual real judges. All of which learn something over the course of the event.

This event will allow (1) for experienced teams it is a chance to practice in between competitions and keep their skills well oiled (or try a new spin on their old stand-bys); and (2) for beginners, it is a chance to get the feeling of what a “real” competition would be like without the expense/entry fee or pressure of a “real” competition.

COMPETITORS: In a normal KCBS, PNWBA or IBCA event, a team would arrive at the event on a Friday morning or afternoon, set up, start prepping their meats and start cooking the brisket and pork butt sometime on Friday night/early Saturday morning. In the backyard event, more experienced teams also have the chance to help less experienced teams and offer some advice (only if requested!!). They can also help with showing how to prep a box and other presentation issues which may be something of a puzzle to anyone who has never entered a BBQ contest before. Novices also get a chance to practice timing, by getting a feel for the “pressure” of having to turn in product during a specific timeframe, and get a feel for the type of equipment and additional food items (i.e. apple juice, salt, honey) that they might need to bring to a “real” competition.

JUDGES: There is also an educational component for our judges in the backyard event. The judges will openly be discussing your entries aloud with you and the other teams, which allow the judges to offer comments about the product judged (i.e. too salty, too spicy, mushy, burnt) as well as numeric scores like those given in a formal contest setting. This helps the judges clarify and articulate their standards while providing valuable feedback to the cooks. We ask that you understand in advance that the judges take this responsibility very seriously and will be honest and critical, you come to this event to hear others opinions and that’s what you will get. We do use KCBS scoring so again, novices can get a good idea of what a competition would be like — especially with so many CBJ’s showing up to judge!

It’s like American Idol meets BBQ!

FRIENDSHIP: Finally, one of the main purposes of the gathering is friendship and fun and sharing some Q with others who enjoy doing what we do. Each team is asked to cook a bit more than what is necessary for the 6 piece turn in box. After the competition is over, we all share our BBQ and get to taste and compare and enjoy the BBQ camaraderie of this relaxed competition atmosphere!!!

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I get many questions weekly about how to grill and barbecue. Since I started cooking professionally in 2008, I've answered thousands via email so in 2017, I decided to post my answers via video to reach a wider audience. I'll do my best to post a video on my channel weekly. I upload vlogs, BBQ product reviews, travel & lifestyle videos, BBQ contests, classes; as well as interviews and stories.