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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Colours Creativity Space. This video is about DIY or how to make Lantern or Akashkandil for diwali with step by step guide tutorial. Friends if you like my video then plz Like, comment, Share and Subscribe 👍 to my channel.

🌸 My other Lantern / Akashkandil for Diwali Video :-
1 https://youtu.be/kp75TcrFfMo

2 https://youtu.be/gbR4xzuFEoc

🌸 Material Required :-
Drawing sheet
3D Outliners [ in Gold and Copper Colour ]
Gelatin Paper in Yellow Colour
Wool [ Maroon Colour]
Celow Tape
Gold Or Copper and Black Acrylic Colour etc..

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🌸 #diwalilantern #lantern #akashkandil #kandil #diwalidecor #diwalicraft #diwalilamp

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