Ariana Grande thank you, next Looks For Your Barbie Doll | Crafty Hackers Barbie Hacks and Crafts

Recreate Ariana Grande's iconic looks from her hit song "thank you, next". Which look is your favorite?
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Hey guys. Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, Next” video pays tribute to all the girl power films we love. So as a tribute to Ari, today we are recreating the looks from her “Thank u, Next” video for our dolls. If this is your first time here, click the notification bell to be the first to see our new videos, and like and subscribe too if you want. Let’s do this!

For the first look, trace and cut these patterns onto a piece of pink fabric. When you’ve got it all cut out, glue the seams together in the order you see here. To make the skirt, wrap a piece of fabric around her hips and legs. Glue it in front. Then cut a slit in the back of the waist, cinch, and glue to make it form fitting. Make a halter top out of a pink balloon, and slip it onto your doll. Add some detail with a silver marker, and your first Ari as Elle Woods look is complete. Well...almost.

To make her little dog, Bruiser, wrap a tan pipe cleaner around a cotton ball, like this. Wrap another pipe cleaner around a straw to make the legs, then remove the straw and glue them in place. Hmmm...what’s missing? Oh, right! The head, duh. Wrap another pipe cleaner around a smaller cotton ball to make the head. Glue it on and add a cute little nose, a tail, some googly eyes, a couple of ears, and a little pink tongue. Now the full “Legally Blonde” look is complete. Harvard, here we come.