Newmar Super Star Super C RV Detailed Tour & Impressions from RVX

We're at the RVX trade show in Salt Lake City, UT, touring Newmar's first entry into the Super C market - The Super Star! Come along for a more in-depth look at this beautiful new rig.

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Also, here are the answers to a few of the most common questions we've received since the live broadcast went out:

What are the tank capacities? Fuel: 100 gallons. Fresh Water: 150 gallons. Gray Tank: 60 gallons. Black Tank: 40 gallons. Propane: 32 gallons.

What transmission is used on the Super Star? The Allison 3200

What will the standard and optional items be for heating water and interior heat? Propane gas furnace with ducted heat and a 10 gallon gas/electric water heater will be standard. Option for the Oasis brand heating and hot water system will be available when production begins.

What is the overall length and wheelbase for the 37' and 40' models? TBD and subject to change. Protypes shown at RVX may not refect the final wheelbase.

Will a Tire Pressure Monitoring System be standard and/or an option? TPMS will not be an available feature on the Super Star.

How about Adaptive Cruise Control? Adaptive cruise will also not be an available feature on the Super Star.

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