Art Journal Ideas Using Quotes to Jump Start Your Creativity Embrace Life and Be Brave

Don’t you wish art journal ideas would just pop in your head on demand?

How often to you wonder how to start an art journal page, or face that “blank page” syndrome?

My answer is yes, a lot and a lot.

When I create designs or film for my YouTube channel, I frequently get blank page syndrome with the lack of any art journal ideas and it can be frustrating. I want to create, but what?

I like to turn to art journal prompts or creative journal ideas by looking at what I have in the studio to get me started. I will often look at embellishments as my focal point. Beads, metal, die cuts or photos. Sometimes that that isn’t enough and I’ll turn to a prompt for art journal ideas. You can find lots of these on Pinterest and inspiration websites as well, flip through the dictionary for some words that pop out.

Ready to make this?

try the exercise on my blog and then download the supply kit which includes printables of the quotes and butterflies as alternatives:

Originally published privately on November 21, 2016 and now made public.

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Side Note:

My videos are geared towards beginners and intermediates. I talk throughout the process to make it easy for you to understand. I avoid speeding up the videos and mistakes are not edited out so you can see how to fix it if it happens to you. In doing this, the videos are a little bit longer.

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