Badger 250 Airbrush Toning With Lacquer Discussion

In this video I discuss how to add a bit of color to your finish and apply it using the Badger Airbrush sprayer - I use Lacquer in the example but you can use whatever you perfer and still add a bit of depth or color to your projects - easy and straight forward

Badger Spray Gun 250-2 -
Badger Spray Gun WITHOUT air hose -
Nanoskin Lacquer -
Transtint dye - (this is amber but there are many different colors to choose from)

Badger Air-Brush 3/4 Ounce Jars -
Badger Air-Brush 2 Ounce Jars -
PointZero 6ft braided airbrush hose - (NOTE: This is 1/8in - check to see if you need a adapter)
TCP disposable Air/Water Filter 1/4" threads -