Green & Gold Free Form Resin Geode

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Materials Used:
Plastic sheeting
Silicone Caulk
Crushed glass tinted with india ink
Resin colored with pigments and glitter

Different Types of Epoxy
*Pro-Marine Epoxy –

StoneCoat Countertop Epoxy & Base Tints

Envirotex Lite Epoxy Resin (Also available at Michaels)

ArtResin -

Pigments for Epoxy
Le’Rez Pigments -

Colour Cottage Pigments –

Paddy’s Pigments - ***
***Enter Code: DEBRA SMITH ART (3 words in all caps) for 10% discount on Paddy’s Pigments & Silks of Las Vegas.

Just Resin Pigments -

Colour Obsession Pigments -

Hygge Life Pigments

Pearl Ex Powders (Also available at Michaels)

Castin’ Craft White Pigment

Small Bathroom Cups

Kitchen Torch -

Heat Gun

16 oz mixing cups

Small popsicle sticks

Large craft sticks

Cake snakes

Heat gun nozzles


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