Zipper Slider/Pull Replacement Repair a zipper without replacing it

I'm leaving this video here because I don't want to lose all the helpful and encouraging comments left by viewers, but please go on to my new youtube channel dedicated just to sewing.

A "broken" zipper does NOT always have to be replaced.

That's right! Of all the jacket zippers I see in my shop for replacement, I only actually replace about 20%. The other 80% simply need the slider/pull replaced. Replacing the slider will see that zipper back in operation in less than 5 minutes.

Please visit my blog post for more info.

Great tip from a viewer: GaborBartal "Thanks, this was surprisingly easy. I watched other videos and almost gave up before trying. Your tip on the slider being the faulty bit is great. I'd suggest mentioning that it can be done without any purchase, at home. I'm sure everyone has some unused clothing with zippers. I removed the slider from it (your way). But on the actual clothing I removed the small bit by prying it open instead (with a Swiss knife I did), taking off the slider, putting on the working one, and reattaching the small bit by clamping it back on. It must go into a V shape when removing (prying open), and later simply clamped back to parallel. It was 3 minutes in total without buying any parts or the need for the new U shape bit."

I have done this myself on numerous occasions with metal top stops to preserve the same color. A note on prying open the top stop, though.This can only be done with metal ones, as the plastic top stops will just break.