Video No 3 DIY sawmill under $500.00 Homemade or many updates

I have been working diligently towards the goal of finishing my pusher saw Mill in northern Michigan it has been raining a lot that has been very difficult to make progress. I have replaced several of the systems that are in previous videos I will try to list them but I may not be able to remember everything.

Number one widened the carriage stance to improve the size of the log that can be cut.
Number two finished spiking together the log bed, fastened down the angle rail.
Number three changed from Dell to steal cable raising mechanism for saw head.
Number four installed the band saw blade guides.
Number five installed a belt tightening system.
Number six installed handlebar system to control throttle of the motor.
Number seven installing garage door pulleys and cables to better control raising saw head.
Number eight created video showing all these changes.

So as you can see have been very busy I did have to wait a little while for shipping to catch up with my needs. I also purchased a centrifugal go kart clutch to control start and stop of blade, current bilt tightening system the will stay in place better for belt control.

The next projects are the backstop for the log and log hold down system to keep log in place.

Folks keep watching check out my other videos to, I have several in the series that takes you from start to where I'm at today.