Nipple Piercing The Safe Piercing App

Download the best piercing app ever.
– Photo Booth (requires purchase of Premium)
– Videos (requires purchase of Premium)
– Image Gallery (requires purchase of Premium)
– Aftercare
– Considerations before getting pierced

The Safe Piercing app helps you with everything you need to consider before getting pierced, and also very important aftercare.

This app increases the chances of a successful piercing no matter what bodypart you pierce. A must for everyone considering getting pierced, or if you are just curious.

The app is suitable for all ages, and with the fun photo feature, you can see how you would look like in your new piercing. Or you can joke with loved ones by sharing the image where you "are pierced" on social media.

Thanks to informative and meaningful healthcare advice, you optimize your chances of a successful healing process.

The inspiring photo gallery helps you figure out new and exciting places to adorn your body.

This app is also designed to promote the entire body piercing industry; you as a Piercer can recommend your clients to download the app instead of handing out written care instructions. This will help you save both the environment, time and money.
All piercing studios will benefit from this informative quality application for smartphones and tablets.

Inside the app you can easily see the different locations on the body, which are most common to pierce, and with a simple touch, you get the necessary information regarding your specific piercing.

In the well-documented video gallery you can watch movies, showing you examples of how the different piercings can be done.

Do NOT miss out on this educational and entertaining application. It is of great value even if you are just considering getting pierced, already have a piercing or if you´re curious

A perfect app for both adolescents, adults and parents.