opening penpal letter mini stationery haul 🌸✨

H e l l o
Ugh I’m so sorry for being sucha total dummy in here! I’m such a pleb LOL. I’m so excited because I’m new to YouTube so please be nice to me hehe. I know the lighting isn’t that great either so I’ll work on that with future videos. I’d love to interact with you all so feel free to follow my social media! c: I hope you lovelies enjoyed my first video for this channel! 💕

Shoutout to my little sister penpal Naomi! I luv you uwu
Here is her instagram: @sketchy_penpalsx

Instagram shop where I got items in blue package: @cotton_danchoo
& I actually got the items in a little less than 2 weeks not within 1 week.

C o n t a c t:
Instagram: @honeypinkuu
Email: [email protected]

M u s i c:

The songs aren’t mine, they belong to their rightful owner.