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In this video, cleaning expert, Melissa Maker, reviews proper cleaning and care techniques for silk sheets.

A company called CILQUE has commissioned me to provide its clientele with pointers on how to maintain and prolong the life of their silk sheets. It's important to wash silk sheets and pillowcases properly, with the right detergent and on the right machine settings. Stay tuned for some great info!


-Don't throw silk sheets in with anything else- they need to be washed separetely
-You can either hand wash your sheets or put them in the washing machine wash on the cold setting
-Use scent-free or baby detergent- silk requires a gentle detergent to be used
-DO NOT use bleach on your silk sheets unless you want to ruin them
-Put the washer on the most gentle setting possible
-If you want to put your silk sheets in the dryer, tumble dry them on the low heat setting
-Iron on the silk or low heat setting and iron inside out (on the matte side)