Build Your Own Rain Barrel

How To Build Your Own Rain Barrel. We used a recycled 55-gallon drum and the following parts from our local hardware store. You can use either PVC or ABS pipe for this. Short piece of 3" Pipe, One 3" Male Adapter Hub with Threads, One 3" Sanitary Tee, One 3" 90 Degree Elbow, 3" Steel Conduit Lock Nut, Small piece of Aluminum Window Screen, Bungee Cord, Silicone Caulk, Two Flex Drain Hoses and a 1/2 HP Water Pump. The hard part is cutting the 3" hole to insert the Male Adapter Hub with Threads. We made our 3" hole a little too large so we cut two small slits in the 3" hole to fit the conduit nut inside the barrel. We then fit our hand inside the 3" Adapter Hub and worked the conduit nut onto the Threads of the Hub. Before we tightened it down, we applied silicone caulk. After the Hub is in place, everything else fits together. There is no right or wrong way to do this. If you don't have a water pump or want to buy one, watch other rain barrel videos on how to install a faucet. The most popular is turning the barrel upside down and using the already threaded bung to install a faucet. Hope this gives you ideas of your own.