Steel melt in Home Brick furnace.

Waste oil Burner Furnace Melts steel Crucible and causes runaway of molten metal out the bottom. The oil burner only used about 3L of Waste cooking oil to heat up and destroy the fire extinguisher bottle I had been using to melt Aluminium in the furnace. The Burner was only running at very low power but the concertntration of heat was still enough to melt the steel Crucible.

As well as Burning through the extinguisher Bottle in around 4 Minutes, The waste oil burner which was only runing at very low output also burnt through the stainless steel plate on the bottom of the furnace as well as a insulating brick tile from an industrial gas heater and the piece of galvanised iron it was all sitting on.

I need to rebuild the Furnace with some proper refractory to stop the bricks melting any further than what they have and also find some thicker steel to make Crucibles with.

From what I have been told it would appear that the furnace which is made from ordinary house bricks has easily reached tempratures of 1500-2000oC in the limited time it has been run and with the burner doing no where near it's full output.

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