Top 5 Wooden Inventions that will blow your mind

TROY - Handcrafted Wood Watch with Visible Skeleton
The watch is inspired by the Netherland's natural beauty. It is the first handmade wooden watch with Visible Skeleton with automatic movement.
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UGEARS: Self-propelled Mechanical Wooden Models
UGEARS models’ combination of easy-to-assemble wood and mechanics along with the magical movement of wooden gears are sure to bring joy to casual builders and professional modelers alike. The mission of UGEARS is to bring together fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, taking grown-ups back to the childhood memories and the world of creation.
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WOOBOTs - Transformable Wooden Robots
The robot which is made of high-quality wood is designedd for action-packed fun. This is new and full of energy. It hits the ground to change the game for eveyone. Give a fun taste to your life with this wooden robot.
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EDLEE DESIGN - Bamboo and Wooden Sunglasses
These glasses are made up of Bamboo and Wood. It has been a blessing for sunglasses lover in a newly way and these high quality polarized sunglasses are sustainable.
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OAK - Cufflinks with Wood from Aged Whisky Barrels
It has give life and history to an object that otherwise would be just another "thing". These beautiful handmade cufflinks have hand-selected pieces of old oak inlaid in their faces and for the elegant gentleman who loves whisky and has a heart of gold.
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