Wood Stove Pipe Introduction, Demo, & Review DuraBlack, DVL, & Duratech

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In this video, Steven talks about three types of pipe: Single Wall Pipe, Double Wall Pipe, & Chimney pipe. These types of pipe have changed names recently. They used to be called, DuraBlack 1612, DVL (Double wall ) Black Stove adaptor 8680, and Simpson Duratech or Duravent Duratech 9402GA. They are now called DuraBlack 6DBK-12, DVL Stove Adaptor 6 DVLAD, and Duratech 6DT06. Steven explains the differences in the types of pipe and gives a brief comparison.

Video Highlights:

:18 Pipe Introduction (DuraBlack, DVL, & Simpson Duratech/Duravent Duratech
:30 Single Wall Pipe introduction (DuraBlack 1612/ DuraBlack 6DBK12
1:18 Double wall pipe (DVL 8680, DVL Stove Adaptor 6DVL-AD)
1:50 Chimney Pipe (Duravent/Duratech 6DT06/ Simpson Duratech