DIY Silicone Mold for Resin

This video covers the process I used to make a silicone mold for resin epoxy, to replicate a cheese platter I had carved from wood. This video covers the full process from creating the wooden platter by carving, to sealing it in preparation of making the mold, to pouring liquid silicone to make the silicone mold, to finally using the silicone mold to make an exact replica of the wooden platter out of resin.

Sponsored by: Gear Heart Industries -

Tools Used:
Laguna Bandsaw -
4.5 Angle Grinder -
Holey Galahad Course (grinder attachment) -
Holey Galahad Medium (grinder attachment) -
Mini Grinder -
Sanding System -
Branding Iron -

Materials Used:
Sanding Sealer -
Spray Enamel -
Liquid Silicone -
Corrugated Plastic -
Epoxy Resin -
Resin Tint -
Metallic Pigment -

Introduction music created by Melinda Klawonn & Joel Miller
Video music provided by Ampletunes -