DIY: Samsung Range: how to clean the oven door's interior glass

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SITUATION: I managed to spill liquid on the inside of the oven door and couldn't find any documentation on how to clean the various panes of glass. Being reasonable handy, I discovered how to remove the door and disassemble the various components to get at the glass. Fortunately, this wasn't a difficult task for me.

1. All of the holes line up precisely so don't go and screw in the various screws and bolts at an odd angles.
2. The door brackets also align precisely so don't force the door when detaching nor reattaching.
3. Make sure the fasteners are snug when tightening but don't over-tighten or you will strip a hidden retaining clip's threads. Just "seat" the fastener.

The user manual that came with my electric range applies to the follow Samsung Electric Ranges:
FE-R300SX | FE-R300SW | FE-R300SB

CAUTION: This video is intended strictly as a guide. I am not service technician and this video is not based on any documentation by Samsung (other than taking off the door). Proceed at your own risk.