3 MUST HAVE Fall Trends for 2019 Over 40

I love checking out all the new fashion trends. However they don't always work on me. These top 3 trends are must have trends for the fall of 2019 Over 40.

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Animal Print:
Flats- http://bit.ly/2m2I8Jr
Sneakers- http://bit.ly/2lHqfQi
Booties- Grey- http://bit.ly/32gVKBy
Booties- Tan- http://bit.ly/33O2bwL
Pumps- http://bit.ly/2lN4f6v
Higher Heel Booties- http://bit.ly/2m5SZSZ
Clutch- http://bit.ly/2m2JaFj
Bag- smaller- http://bit.ly/2kcSJBc
Scarf- http://bit.ly/2lDtFUd
Cami- http://bit.ly/2XZNfvy
Cardigan- http://bit.ly/2k3R4O6
Sweater- http://bit.ly/2kD8fq1
Long Coat- http://bit.ly/32c55KS
Winter Coat- http://bit.ly/2lMsQs5

Tan- http://bit.ly/2kAKyib
Black- http://bit.ly/2Y3wXBO
Grey- http://bit.ly/2kABhXr

Light- http://bit.ly/2XNqQgG
Dark- http://bit.ly/2L5WWQG

I am a 45 year old fashion and beauty lover. I love helping women find their own style confidence!
I want everyone to find those things that make them feel like a million bucks everyday!
My channel is dedicated to helping others find that style confidence. Especially those of us that are not your typical size 2!
I love trying new styles and finding ways to make them work for my body type and age!

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RT Sponge- http://bit.ly/30s5t6z
Shisheido Powder- Medium Beige- http://bit.ly/2Y4YVxU
IT Brush- http://bit.ly/2ZbSipT
Anastasia Brow Wiz Chocolate- http://bit.ly/2GUx4WU
Anastasia Bronzer Tawny- http://bit.ly/2LpiFEU
Tom Ford Brush- http://bit.ly/2XzEt84
Mac Shadows- Scene, SOft Brown, Brule- http://bit.ly/2lAKTlg
Sephora 19 brush- http://bit.ly/2SCNNSM
Sephora 15 brush- http://bit.ly/2YoFjnG
Sephora 11 brush- http://bit.ly/2YneXP2
Limelife eye liner brown- link below
Urban Decay Naked medium light- http://bit.ly/2KHPvls
Limelife Powder- link below
RT Brush- http://bit.ly/2Laogj5
IT Cosmetics Blush- http://bit.ly/2KO6rUn
Limelife Brush- link below
Lancome Big Mascara- http://bit.ly/2GP3lNV
Ardell Lashes- http://bit.ly/2H8Y5pv
Star Lash Glue Dark- http://bit.ly/2H3rLE4
Lancome Seulement #277- http://bit.ly/2wQoAu8
Marc Jacobs Primrose- http://bit.ly/2WBFs78

All Limelife products- https://bit.ly/2T5RbsT

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